Weekly Webdesign Inspiration #51

Take your weekly WebDesign Inspiration’s dose with my selection of the best Dribbble shots.

Every weeks, i will make you a selection of the best WebDesign Inspiration for desktop and mobile with motion and interactions.

This week, the UI selection is based on animations, interactions, dashboard and map. Enjoy !


Dashboard - WebDesign Inspiration

Dashboard by 高帅帅

Action - WebDesign Inspiration

Action by Cleveroad : Twitter

Blypr App Redesign - WebDesign Inspiration

Blypr App Redesign by Michal Ptaszyński (Twitter) for El Passion (Twitter)

Charles Patterson - Mobile Portfolio - WebDesign Inspiration

Charles Patterson – Mobile Portfolio by Charles Patterson : Twitter

Dashboard Theme UI Design - WebDesign Inspiration

Dashboard Theme UI Design by uixNinja : Twitter

Fitness App - WebDesign Inspiration

Fitness App by Sansan

Map - WebDesign Inspiration

Map by Suman

Meetup App - WebDesign Inspiration

Meetup App by Wojciech Zieliński (Twitter) for inFullMobile (Twitter)

Mober Interface Design - WebDesign Inspiration

Mober Interface Design by Martin Tice

Process Guided Interaction - WebDesign Inspiration

Process Guided Interaction by Leo Leung : Twitter

Soundcloud Song Layout / UI Challenge — Week 07 - WebDesign Inspiration

Soundcloud Song Layout / UI Challenge — Week 07 by Mario Šestak : Twitter

Tasking App Redesigned - WebDesign Inspiration

Tasking App Redesigned by Andrei Dulcu??‍?

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